Speech Pathology in Melbourne

Cancellation Policy

Please read this policy carefully. Booking an appointment at Speech Results means that you accept the terms of this policy.

Cancellations and Rescheduling

If for some reason you need to cancel or reschedule your child’s appointment, we appreciate if you can give us at least 2 business days’ notice, or you may incur a fee (listed below). If your appointment is on a Monday, please contact us on the Thursday prior in order to give 2 business days’ notice. We prefer a phone call within business hours, but you may also contact us by SMS and email. We do not have reception staff on the weekend, so any messages on the weekend are received on the Monday morning.

Even with two days’ notice, it is unlikely that your therapist will re-fill your cancelled appointment. We do appreciate as much notice as possible, as this might allow your therapist to offer the appointment to another client on the waiting list.

For our self-funded clients who attend on a regular basis, we may waive one or two late cancellation fees per year to allow for sudden illness or emergency.

Frequent Cancellations

Most of our clients hold a regular appointment time slot, either weekly or fortnightly. For this reason, we also have a policy around the number of appointments you can reasonably ask to cancel or reschedule without incurring a fee.

If you cancel frequently, (that is, you attend less than 80% of your scheduled appointments, even though you have provided 2 days’ notice) you may incur a fee. Alternatively, we may advise that we unable to hold the regular / preferred appointment time for your child and offer this time slot to another family.

Sick Children and Emergencies

We do understand that all children get sick sometimes, and that this might occur on the day of your appointment. We ask that you don’t bring sick or infectious children into the clinic to protect our staff and other children from illness.

An emergency can include sudden illness or hospitalisation.

We will not waive the late cancellation fee if you are called in to work, travel arrangements change, child-care arrangements change, or for school or sporting events.

Appointment reminders

Our system sends SMS and email reminders, but these should not be relied upon. We ask you to keep track of any appointments you have made and to cross-check these with your child’s other activities. 

Our Cancellation Fees

Our late cancellation / non-attendance fees are as follows:

  • Late (or frequent) cancellation fee: 50% of scheduled fee
  • Non-attendance fee: Full fee
  • NDIS Managed and Plan Managed Clients: 90% of the scheduled NDIS fee, in line with NDIS guidelines.

Please note:

  • Medicare and Private Health funds cannot be used to cover cancellation fees
  • The NDIS does cover some cancellation fees.

If you have any questions about our cancellation policy, please chat to us. We are appreciative that most of our clients attend their scheduled appointments and adhere to this policy without any issues.